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Before the Soul Comes into a Body



Before a Soul Comes into a Body  February 6, 2009 — kabbalahthoughts 

Understand the reward of the souls: Before a soul comes into a body, it is but a tiny dot, though attached to the root as a branch to a tree. This dot is called “the root of the soul and its world.” Had it not entered this world in a body, it would have had only its own world, meaning its own share of the root.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag  “Walking the Path of Truth  Kabbalah for the Student”  Page 228

My after death contact, departing visions with my mother and grandmother


When I was just 16 years old, my mother passed from breast cancer. She was only 38. Her death left me heartsick, but I had one last encounter with her which helped me survive this traumatic loss.

On the morning of the death, I awoke at 5 AM in the morning and “knew” that she was moving on. She had been in the hospital for about a week and though I had known she was very ill, I had no idea he death would come so soon.

After “feeling” that she had stopped by to say good bye, I got up out of bed, put my slippers on, went down stairs and sat by the phone. I “knew” someone would soon be calling to tell me about her passing.

Within just a very few minutes, the telephone rang. On the other end of the line was a family friend letting me know my Marilyn Monroe “look-a-like” mother had taken flight and moved.

I called this last encounter with my mother, “One Last Hug Before I Go” and years later this became a title for one of my books. After she passed, my grandmother took over and parented me as best as she could.

Today is her passing anniversary, and though I didn’t have a departing vision with her, I have had some incredible after death comminications. One in particular is most memorable. I grieved her passing for months. She had replaced my mother and now she was gone.

Then I had a dream about her. In the dream she took me by the shoulders, shook me and said, “Get over it! You have a family to attend to. I’m fine!” That was so like her.

So, to all of the mothers and grandmothers, here and across the veil, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!